4:00 pm

Total Runtime: 1:52:40
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

Orange Vests and Cigarettes

Run Time: 00:12:22

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age, LGBTQ+

After a failed suicide attempt injures an innocent bystander, Josiah, a socially-awkward teen from a strict religious home is sentenced to community service where he crosses paths with Teresa, a trans girl convicted of shoplifting gender-affirming clothing. She’s everything he wishes he could be — confident, assertive, and totally unafraid to be herself no matter what the world tells her. But, desperate to fit in, Josiah pretends to be someone he isn’t and is quickly accepted into the ranks of the other juvenile delinquents. After witnessing the relentless transmisogyny Teresa is subjected to by his new friends, Josiah is forced to choose between doing what is right and what is easy, and finally asserts who he is, no matter the consequences.

Al Capone: Prohibition & Wisconsin

Run Time: 00:26:46

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Documentary

Did you know Al Capone was trying to purchase property in the northwoods? This documentary examines a personal friendship and a lighter side of Public Enemy Number One through newly unearthed correspondence and images. Plus, hear personal stories about Al and his family from his granddaughter, Diane Capone.

Spy Capital: Vienna

Run Time: 01:13:32

Country of Origin: Austria

Language: English

Genre: Documentary, Feature

It is a commonly accepted fact among professionals that Vienna, Austria, is and has long been the world capital of espionage. A team of documentary filmmakers asked internationally renowned experts to prove or disprove this claim. The results exceeded all expectations. The experts: Dr Boris B. Volodarsky, Intelligence Historian and writer, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, London; Gert Rene Polli, former head of the BVT, the Austrian equivalent of MI5; Professor Gerhard Mangott specializing in International Relations and Security in the post-Soviet region; General Oleg Kalugin (ret.), former head of foreign counterintelligence of the KGB’s foreign intelligence arm; Christo Grozev, leading investigative journalist, 2023 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature ‘Navalny’, and others. Filmed in a modern style with many computer effects and meticulous re-enactment of spy episodes in real places based on original documents and footing, the documentary traces the 150-year-long history of international espionage between 1873 and the present using Vienna as a hub. The original musical theme ‘Undercover’ composed by Peter Sax was written especially for this film.

6:30 pm

Total Runtime: 1:59:00
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater


Run Time: 00:22:00

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Surrealism

A reclusive author suffering from alcoholism embraces her recovery and finally faces a past that has haunted her since her youth.

A Sobering Story

Run Time: 01:37:00

Country of Origin: Canada

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Unveiling the harsh reality of substance use in Thunder Bay, Ontario, this universally themed documentary, told through personal narratives and expert insights, exposes a lack of resources while aiming to shatter stigmas and ignite compassion for those grappling with addiction.

9:00 pm

Total Runtime: 2:04:57
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

The Happy Place

Run Time: 00:12:31

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Short, Web / New Media

Aaron searches for connection after the loss of his mother. The Happy Place is part of a short film series titled (mis)placed.


To Die Alone

Run Time: 01:28:00

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Survival Thriller, Psychological Thriller

After suffering a terrible injury while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Irving must find a way to escape the woods alive and confront her inner demons with the help of a stranger.

Last Rung on the Ladder

Run Time: 00:24:26

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Short

When celebrity psychologist Larry Gatlin returns to his home state of Wisconsin to receive an award for his work fighting the stigma of mental illness, all is not well. An unexpected turn with his estranged sister and personal demons collide, creating a narrative that goes beyond the surface of celebration. "The Last Rung on the Ladder" is the short film adaptation from the 1978 Stephen King short story, co-written by Max Blaska and Karla S. Bryant. Blaska received permission and extension from the King organization through the "Dollar Baby" program. As the initiative was discontinued in 2024, "The Last Rung on the Ladder" is among the last of the Dollar Baby films.