4:00 PM

Total Runtime: 1:50:51
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater


Run Time: 00:20:51

Country of Origin: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Miguel is a journalist who dreams of reaching the top at “El Emisario,” the local newspaper he works for, and the mysterious appearance of some Chinese hospital waste on the beaches of an Afro Community in a Colombian Caribbean town seems to be his chance to shine.  With the help of Rosa, a female local leader in the area, Miguel discovers that behind this waste and the health damage it causes to the population is Eduardo Meza, a powerful constructor who plans to use the crisis of these people to appropriate their land and carry out his new project.  Miguel tries to expose the truth, but this task is more complex than he expected because in “El Emisario,” only the news that suits the elite comes out. He discovers that Meza's powerful tentacles can reach those he tries to save.

Black Sugar Red Blood

Run Time: 01:30:00

Country of Origin: Germany

Language: German

Genre: History, Drama

Anna... She doesn't know if that's her real name. Because apart from the vague memory of the sound of this name, she only associates one thing with her early childhood: horrible fear. Of doctors, of injections and the bitter-sweet taste of a piece of sugar on liberation day. Anna Strishkowa is a toddler when she stands on the ramp of Auschwitz on 4 December 1943. She neither knows the names of her parents nor where she was born.  For Luigi Toscano, Anna Strishkowa is the first Auschwitz survivor he portrays for the exhibition of his project "Against Forgetting" in Kyiv. He has photographed more than 500 other survivors since then, but Anna's fate never lets him go. Luigi wants to help Anna decipher her identity.  But shortly before filming begins, Putin invades Ukraine. The bombs falling on Kiev catapult Anna back to the horror of her childhood. Luigi offers to bring her from Kyiv to Mannheim. But Anna refuses. Hitler robbed her of her identity, and she doesn't want to let Putin take her home away from her. There is confirmation of Anna's prisoner tattoo, that she was registered in Auschwitz. But further research came to nothing. The adoptive father had the tattoo removed shortly before Anna started school. To protect her, Anna believes.  A Soviet propaganda film showing Anna shortly after liberation raises doubts about the previously assumed prisoner number. Against all expectations, Luigi discovers the decisive clue in a yellowed medical file in the Auschwitz archive.  The new clues point to relatives who are still alive. They lead from Auschwitz to Belarus, from the Potulice-Lebrechtsdorf camp to Kyiv and Drohobytsch, all the way to Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia.    Anna's search links the darkest chapter of the twentieth century with our own history: How much do we need to understand the past in order to understand our present?

6:30 PM

Total Runtime: 2:07:15
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

《Inner demons》

Run Time: 00:24:00

Country of Origin: China

Language: Chinese

Genre: Short

Lao Qian, a middle-aged man who made a living by stealing, was restless and restless due to his greed and guilty conscience. He wanted to offset his sins by praying to gods, worshipping Buddha, and doing meritorious deeds, but in the end, he ended up burying himself

The Strangers' Case

Run Time: 01:43:15

Country of Origin: Jordan

Language: Arabic

Genre: Feature

In Sir Thomas More, Shakespeare wrote a speech in which More makes a passionate defence for refugees, pleading for empathy from his fellow countrymen and culminating in a poignant description of the plight of refugees - “The Strangers’ Case” - which persists today.   A doctor and her daughter come home following a chaotic shift at an Aleppo hospital. In the midst of a birthday celebration the two women are forced to make a difficult decision that will forever change their lives and their relationship.   A soldier witnesses heinous crimes towards men, women and children in service of the Syrian regime. As the violence and corruption escalate, he finds himself reevaluating his own humanity.  A smuggler in Turkey tries desperately to make ends meet for his young son. In an effort to save enough money to afford their own escape, he arranges for passage to Greece on inflatable liferafts to refugees in a nearby camp for a steep price.  A poet who has made it to the safety of a Turkish refugee camp with his young family barters for space on an overcrowded boat, which is pushed out into rough seas, bound for Greece.  A Greek coastguard captain spends his days and nights rescuing sinking lifeboats full of migrants off the coast of Lesvos, constantly haunted by those he wasn't able to save.

9:00 PM

Total Runtime: 2:07:14
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater


Run Time: 00:14:48

Country of Origin: Ireland

Language: English

Genre: Short

A sinister farm accident leaves Cáit with a terrible decision to make


Run Time: 01:52:26

Country of Origin: Australia

Language: English

Genre: Feature

Grace's life is shattered by a tragic accident. She returns home to rebuild her life, but the lines between dream and reality become blurred as nightmares, flashbacks, and ghostly visions push her to the edge of madness.