4:00 PM

Total Runtime: 1:47:00
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

Pints Poster


Run Time: 00:20:00

Country of Origin: Ireland

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Irish, Buddy movie, Drinking, Porter, Pints

What if Munster, Leinster and Connaught ... went for a pint?


Run Time: 00:15:00

Country of Origin: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Language: Spanish

Genre: Satire, Society, Fantasy, Comedy

An absurd show of improvising clowns tests the patience of an increasingly exhausted audience. Any overlap with politics, it's not improvised at all.

Un absurdo show de payasos improvisando ponen a prueba la paciencia de un público cada vez más agotado. Cualquier coincidencia con la política, no es nada improvisado.

The Erie Situation PosterThe Erie Situation

Run Time: 01:12:00

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Documentary, Environmental

As climate, politics, and agricultural interests collide, the health of Lake Erie - and that of humans - hang in the balance.  In 2014, the citizens of Toledo, Ohio, had to go without running water for three days when a bloom of toxic algae entered the drinking water plant from Lake Erie. This should have been a wake-up call for politicians, big agriculture, and citizens everywhere that freshwater resources are at risk of becoming toxic worldwide. THE ERIE SITUATION explores the confluence of science, public sentiment, politics, and the powerful farming lobby as Ohio wrestles with how to confront the drivers of toxic algae. What's at stake? Who's at risk? And will volunteer measures be enough to confront this growing crisis, both in Ohio and beyond?

6:00 PM

Total Runtime: 2:22:48
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

Amuka Poster


Run Time: 01:11:00

Country of Origin: Belgium

Language: French, Swahili

Genre: Documentary

The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed almost 1 in 2 people on Earth.

Yet one in six Congolese people suffer from hunger. Yet one in two Congolese suffers from moderate acute malnutrition. Yet agriculture accounts for 70% of the population there.

Faced with this paradox, the peasants regroup in agricultural cooperatives. A handful of them share their daily lives with us, that of all those they represent.

Even if they don't know each other, live thousands of hundreds of kilometers from each other, participate in different agricultural sectors, their voices resonate in this powerful, sensitive and sincere documentary.


Run Time: 01:11:48

Country of Origin: Italy

Language: Italian

Genre: Documentary

Southern Italy has been hit by the most serious and devastating phytosanitary emergency of the century. A quarantine bacterium, called Xylella Fastidiosa, killed 21 million olive trees, disrupting landscapes, economy, and human relationships. There is still no cure for this botanical infection and the epidemic is advancing north, threatening the territories of European Union.

A destiny that suddenly brings terribly close forgotten issues on the political agenda of our country: desertification, climate change, global warming, globalization of markets and the arrival of new pathogenic organisms imported from distant countries.

9:00 PM

Total Runtime: 1:50:51
Screening Location: Mabel Tainter Theater

She Dreamt Alone Poster

She Dreamt Alone

Run Time: 00:05:51

Country of Origin: United States

Language: None

Genre: Dance

A short story expressed through the art of dance about a young outcast who, From childhood’s hour had not been  As others were- had not seen As others saw- could not love From a common spring Could not awaken Her heart to joy with the same tone And all that she dreamt… She Dreamt alone.

I Bring Joy Poster

I Bring Joy

Run Time: 01:45:00

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Language: English

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Joy is a dancer living life in London, but when she becomes victim of Londons knife crime epidemic, it awakens memories of past trauma and unleashes a violent streak of her own.

Encouraged by a mysterious confidante and needing an outlet from both her inner pain and the outer pressures of daily life, Joy considers a self-appointed mission to set right life’s balances, unconsciously setting the stage for an act of revenge even she doesn’t know she’s searching for.

A metaphorical collapse of creative ambition or just a brief glimpse of London love, life, loneliness, and loss.